PHP OpenOffice.Org Template


This project is released under the GNU public license, and has been commissioned by the Italian institution "Provincia di Lucca". It has been implemented by Vincenzo Ciancia and Gina Belmonte under the supervision of Ing. Paolo Bertamini.

This is a project to build a simple template engine to modify documents from PHP. The purpose is NOT to provide a PHP API to edit openoffice documents programmatically, but rather to enable openoffice users to write templates, including user variables that can be set programmatically. This gives one the possibility to create pre-defined forms directly in openoffice, and then to fill in the form fields from PHP, e.g. taking the input from an html form, and to serve an ODT, RTF or PDF document.

The power of the library comes from XSLT manipulation of the odt format. You can create your own xslt transformations and apply those to the odt document, that can subsequently be converted using php-o3-template. If no conversion (e.g. into PDF or RTF) takes place, then the system will not use the runtime, and it will be very fast. If needed, an instance will be automatically run in a virtual X server, and will be kept running to minimise response times on subsequent invocations.


For installation instructions, please refer to the file “INSTALL-EN.txt” in the software release. Latest release can be downloaded from


For more information see the sourceforge project page:


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